GATE Aerospace Study Material

GATE Aerospace Study Material

Our team has divided GATE Aerospace syllabus in six sections as followed :-

  • Mathematics
  • Fluid Mechanics + Aerodynamics + Flight Mechanics
  • Basic thermodynamics + Gas Dynamics + Aero Propulsion
  • Engineering Mechanics + Strength of Materials + Aero Structures
  • Gravitational field and Space dynamics
  • General Aptitude

We have emphasized in building a sound base for each students, as like if fundamentals of building are sound then structure will be strong, more sustainable and reliable. So we ask students to follow above mentioned subject sequence. As we understand many students study well and work hard but final result is not up to mark due to lack of strong basics.

Aerospace engineering is mainly combination of Physics and Mathematics branch of science, so we provide a strong background for Mathematics and fundamental subjects line Engineering Mechanics, Fluid mechanics, Solid Mechanics and Thermodynamics.

Our team has prepared a detailed and well explained study material for basic subjects like Engineering Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Strength of Material. All the basics concepts are explained well and verities of problems are covered from previous years GATE, PSU’s and IES papers to understand application of concepts in solving GATE problems.

In Advance for all core subjects of Gate Aerospace like Aerodynamics, Gas Dynamics, Propulsion, Flight Structures and Flight Mechanics, each topic is covered and explained in details, so student can understand on their own without much of typicality. All the problems from previous year GATE papers are covered.

We also provide a clear outline on how to prepare for General Aptitude and plan for self-study.

Our Complete Gate Aerospace Study Material has following content:-

  • Subject wise study material as per GATE syllabus
  • Previous years Papers Solutions

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GATE Online Coaching

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GATE Online Test Series

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Target GATE Aerospace Course (Recorded Video Lectures)

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GATE Aerospace Crash Course

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GATE Aerospace Distance Learning Program

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Previous years GATE Aerospace Engineering Papers

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