GATE Class Schedule

GATE 2019 Coaching Class Schedule for Feb 17th and 18th

GATE Electronics Engineering and GATE Electrical Engineering

Feb 17th (Saturday)
3.30pm-6.30pm, Digital Electronics by Mr Prashant D (IIT-Kgp Fellow)
Feb 18th (Sunday)
9.30am-1pm, Engineering Mathematics by Mr Rishabh Sharma (IIT-Gohawati Fellow)
2pm-5.30pm, Network and Electrical Circuit by Mr Sarvesh S (IISc-Bangalore Fellow)

GATE Aerospace Engineering and GATE Mechanical Engineering

Feb 17th (Saturday)
3.30pm-6.30pm, Basics SOM by Mr Dinesh (IIT-Madras Fellow)
Feb 18th (Sunday)

9.30am-1pm, Basics SOM by Mr Dinesh (IIT-Madras Fellow)
2pm-5.30pm, Engineering Mechanics by Mr Arjun (NIT- Warangal Fellow)


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