What is the difference between MTech and MS course in Engineering in India

MTech/ME :
It is a course based and time bound program for higher studies in Engineering in India
Duration: Two years
Offering Institute: Most of the premium institutes of Engineering provide this course.
Admission Process: Mostly direct admission based on GATE Score in core discipline and in multi-discipline or in non-core based on GATE Score and written/interview. Usually candidate need to have a high GATE Score or top ranks to get in desired Institute and a course of choice.
Stipend/Scholarship: All GATE Qualified students are provided a stipend of Rs 12400 per month for HTTA by MHRD for two years.
Course curriculum: For MTech/ME students have more credits for courses and they need to study more subjects and subsequent project (usually 6 months-9 months)
Future scope: Since design of this course is more about learning advance subjects of a discipline and less towards core research, candidates mostly opt for an industrial job during campus placement. Those who are keen to enter in research field can opt for Phd in India or abroad but those candidates need to emphasize more on their project work.
Pros: Since it is more of time bound course, most of Indian student choose it as first priority considering a good job after masters.
Cons: In this course students are more focused in obtaining more credits on course work, so less exposed to research work.

MTech Research/MS:
It is a research based program and time duration to complete it varies based on thesis completion.
Duration:  Usually it takes two-three years to complete this program and some cases it takes lesser or more as well.
Offering Institute: Many IITs, IISc and Few NITs provides this course
Admission process: Admission is based on GATE Score and follow up written and interview to specific area. Here more weight-age is given to interview and a good valid GATE Score is required to get shortlisted for written and subsequent interview. An average GATE Score holder can get in this course based on their performance during interview.
Stipend/Scholarship: All GATE Qualified students are provided a stipend of Rs 12400 per month by MHRD up-to three years. Sometime stipend can be more as well if it is funded by a industrial project.
Course curriculum: For MTech Research/MS there are less credits for course work and more focus is towards thesis. Usually student need to complete most of course credit in first semester and then second semester onward need to work on agreed research thesis under a designated guide. Degree is awarded based on thesis completion and there is a good scope to publish conference and journal papers during research. Many students get a chance to attend national and international conferences to showcase their work, travelling and other expenses are funded by Institutes.   
Future scope: Since this course is designed from research point of few. Candidates have good scope to work in R&D industries which do core research in India or abroad. Many student convert their thesis to Phd and obtained a integrated degree (MS+ Phd). They also have easy chances to get in Phd courses in India or Abroad. They are equally entitled to seat in campus placement.
Pros: Candidates who pursue this course have bright future in research oriented field or good scope of pursuing Phd from abroad.
Cons: Candidates who pursue this course need to be more focused and dedicated to complete thesis work. Any kind of negligence may increase their course duration and that bring frustration to many candidates. In some cases chosen guides are not supportive/ research in chosen area may not get in desired direction, so before deciding area of research and guide thorough checks need to be done.

Hope this answer few of the questions of many aspirants. To know more do thorough search on Google. There are few good answer available on Quora.



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